Inderprastha Dental College and Hospital organized Basic Life Support program on 20th November 2022, in association with IAP -ALS Group and health care provider course for undergraduate students. This program was directed by the dynamic team of Dr Shalu Gupta Professor at Kalawati Hospital ,Dr Kishan Jaina ,senior medical administrative officer-MCD ,Dr Prashant Gupta,HOD ,AIIMS with coordinator Mr.Sandeep,Mr.Kuldeep and Ms. Seema. The program was divided into Basic lectures and videos followed by demonstration and live practise on manniques. Student were rewarded and certified with IAP-Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation provider course after successfully clearing the exam.


The Guest Speaker of the Day was Dr Agam Bhatnagar, MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics). He enlightened the students with his knowledge and experience of using magnification. He explained about the patient and operator positioning while working under magnification. He motivated the students to shift onto magnification dentistry from the traditional dentistry.

Pediatric Malignancies

Esctatic Arts – Photo and Videography programme” which was attended by 106 students on 22nd Nov 2022. The guest speakers for the programme were Mr Arpit Gupta and Ms Seema Thakur Gupta, founder trustee of art of photography a registered trust with ministry of MSME Govt of India.

Minimal Intervention to Maximum Invasion - Stainless Steel Crown

Introduction to Damon System - A Passive Self Ligation Bracket System

Application of Biodentine - Repair of root perforations, apexification, resorptive lesions, retrograde filling in endodontic surgeries, etc. In collaboration with Septodont and the Guest Speaker for the day was Dr. Sumeet Rajpal, Pediatric and Preventive Dentist.

Practical Learning of Anatomy - Dr. Krishna Garg, Guest Speaker spoke on how to understand Anatomy practically.

Myobrace - Dr. Swapnil Gupta, Guest Speaker spoke on Myobrace therapy and its role in preventing oral habits, malocclusion and OSA. There was a hands on session for intraoral scanning and record making for Myobrace.

Mirell Holland CDE - Implant Dentistry

Certificate Course in Implant Dentistry

Impressions 2016 - Technical Events

Impressions 2015 - Chanakya Hub

Colgate CDE - Composite Laminates