News 2023

Date Number Description
13-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/53demonstration of working of ‘Laminar Air Flow’ by Dr. Sandeep Mishra in the bureau of Research for Ist Year PG on Monday 15.5.2023 at 10:30am
13-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/52post graduate students of batch 2022 have to present the corrections in the synopsis of thesis before ethical committee on 16th May’ 2023 at 9.30 AM in conference room
09-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/51faculty member has joined our college in 2023
08-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/50NAAC Mock inspection is scheduled for 11th May’2023.
08-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/49Academic Committee meeting is scheduled on 10 May 2023 at 11:00 AM in the Principal office
06-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/48Yoga programme will be conducted on 8th May 2023 on College grounds between 8.30 am to 9.30 am
06-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/47Schedule of Mock Examination of 1st year PG batch 2022
06-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/46Schedule of Mock Examination of 3rd year PG batch 2020
02-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/45AAnnual awareness program on Code of Conduct for teaching staff will be held on 9th May ’2023 (Tuesday) from 11.00 am
02-05-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/451st year post graduate students (Batch 2022-2025) that the Presentation of synopsis for the dissertation has to be done before ethical committee on 11th to 13th May ’2023 at 9.30 AM in Conference Room
25-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/44NAAC Training Session with the experts will be held on 28.04.2023 to 29.04.2023.
25-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/43Mentor -Mentee meeting is scheduled for 27th April’2023 (Thursday) at 2.30 pm
18-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/42college will follow uniform grading system as recommended by UGC. It will be implemented to evaluate the performance of student’s in labs, practical classes and in clinics w.e.f 18.04.2023
15-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/41white coat ceremony will be held on 17th April 2023 at 9:00 am in LT-2.
15-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/40Internship Orientation Program will be held on 17th April 2023 at 9:30 am in LT-2
15-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/39IPDC is happy to appoint following Faculty members against the mentioned posts in Inderprastha Dental College & Hospital- Women Forum. Dr. Geeta Paul - Chair Person, Dr. Preeti Upadhyay - Secretary, Dr. Ritika Ahuja - Executive Member, Dr. Deepti Yadav - Executive Member, Dr. Mayura Paul - Co-Secretary
10-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/381st Internal Examination of 1st year regular & 2nd year (R ) batch will commence from the 1st Week of May 2023. 2nd Internal Examination of 3rd year (IR) & 4th Year (IR) batch will commence from the 1st Week of May 2023.
10-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/371st year supply batch (2021-2022) will be suspended from 11th April’2023 in lieu of university examinations (Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University).
05-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/36AYoga programme will be conducted on 10th April 2023 on College grounds between 8.30 am to 9.30 am
05-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/36Dasana Conference
05-04-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/35WORLD HEALTH DAY” by organizing a lecture on 7th April’2023(Friday) on the topic “How to Protect Heart from Biochemical Aspects in the Present Scenario?” by Dr.S.P Singh, an Eminent Author of Textbook of Biochemistry in LT-2 at 11.30am
24-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/34Lecture on ‘Improvement begins with “I” is being organized by Inderprastha Dental College and Hospital in association with Indian Dental Association, East Delhi. The programme will be held on 28.3.23 from 11.00 am onwards
24-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/33Stress Managment” is being organised by college. The programme will be held on 27.3.23 from 10.00 am onwards. The lecture will be delivered by eminent Guest Speaker Respected Dr. Shama Batra.
16-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/32WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY
16-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/31OPD will remain suspended from 17th March’2023 to 18th March’2023 on occasion of Convocation & Impressions 2023
16-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/30OPD will remain suspended from 17th March’2023 to 18th March’2023 on occasion of Convocation & Impressions 2023
11-03-2023Practice1st Year BDS are performing in cultural events on the day of freshers Attendance
13-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/29Convocation day
04-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/28Online International Webinar International Medical University, Malaysia And Oman Dental College, Muscat On “In The Search Of Research”
04-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/27Topic “Unveiling The Mystery Of Women’S Soul” On The Occasion Of International Women’S Day On 7Th March 2023 At 09.30 Am In Lt-2.
02-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/26Non Teaching Staff- Csa’S And Administrative Staff That Annual Awareness Program On Code Of Conduct For Non Teaching Staff
01-03-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/25“Fresher’S -2022 Batch” Will Be Held On 18Th March 2023.
28-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/24CCeleberating “ Cons & Endo Day” On The 6Th Of March, 2023.
28-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/24B“Awareness On Women Safety” Will Beconducted By A Special Unit Of Police, From Lucknow On 2Nd March 2023 In Lt -3
20-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/24AResearch Cell Is Organizing A Comprehensive Lecture Seriesalong With Workshops On 1St March 2023
20-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/24Lecture “Scientific Writing- Basic & Beyond”
20-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/23Mentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 23Rd February ’2023 (Thursday) At 2.30 Pm.
17-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/22Lecture On “Learning Techniques Of Anatomy " By An Eminent Editor Of Human Anatomy B D Chaurasia Will Be Held At Lt-2
16-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/21“National Periodontist Day” In Association With Indian Society Of Peridontology Study Group-Delhi Ncr On 23Rd Feb 2023.
15-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/20Rangoli Competition On Innovation And Technology
15-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/19Debate Competition “Discrimination Is Manmade-Agree Or Disagree” Is Being Organized On The Occasion Of Zero Discrimination Day
08-02-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/17Abc Of Women Health
30-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/14All The Bds 1St Year Regular Students Who Have Appeared In The University Examination Are Provisionally Promoted To 2Nd Year.
30-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/13Memorandum Of Understanding Signed Between Our Institution And Its, Greater Noida.
25-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/12He Flag Hoisting Ceremony Will Be Held On 26Th January ’2023 By Mr. N.K.Chaudhary
23-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/10AMentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 25Th January’2022 (Wednesday) At 2.30 Pm.
23-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/10Cde Lecture And Hands-On Program About "Introduction To Myobraces"
14-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/9Orientation For Bds 1St Year (2022 Batch) Is On 16 January 2023
14-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/08Icmr-Sts 2023 Are Requested To Send The Synopsis To The Research Cell By 21.01.2023
13-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/07Student Exchange Programme With Its Greater Noida.
12-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/06Student Exchange Programme With Its Greater Noida.
09-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/05Online Registration Of ‘Short Term Studentship’ By Icmr Is Till 16.01.2023 And Last Date For Submission Of Application Is Till 27.01.2023.
06-01-2023IPDC/PO/NOTICE/2023/04ALecture And Hands-On Program On “Dentine In A Capsule” On 11Th January 2023 At 4:30Pm In Pcc Lab.
06-01-2023IPDC/PO/NOTICE/2023/04Lecture And Hands-On Programme On “Current Applications Of Biodentine In Dentistry” On 10Th January
06-01-2023IPDC/PO/Notice/2023/03Clinico-Pathological Conference (Cpc) Will Be Held In Lt-2 From 10.00 Am Onwards.

News 2022

Date Number Description
23-12-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/125Mentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 29Th December’2022 (Thursday) At 2.30 Pm.
19-12-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/122Christmas Celebration
16-12-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/121Badminton Tournament
08-12-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/119Yoga Programme
08-12-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/118Students Will Be Going For Its In Ghaziabad From 08.12.2022 To 10.12.2022
02-12-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/117Lecture And Workshop On “Lasers In Dentistry
30-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/114“Aids Awareness And Prevention Program” On The Occasion Of “World Aids Day”
29-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/113Lecture And Hands-On Program On Stainless Steel Crowns And Anterior Strip Crowns
24-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/110“An Overview Of Pediatric Malignancies And The Impact On Oral Tissues ” By Dr. Sanjay Saraf
19-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/109Mentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 24Th November’2022 (Thursday) At 2.30 Pm
19-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/106AHands On Workshop “Ecstatic Arts – A Photo & Videography
14-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/107Lecture And Program On “Ecstatic Arts – A Photo & Videography
14-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/106Program On “Ecstatic Arts – A Photo & Videography” By Mr. Arpit Gupta & Ms. Seema Thakur Gupta
12-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/105Bds Students Who Could Not Appear In The Ii Internal Exams (Oct 2022) Will Have To Give Retest
10-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/104AStudent Exchange Programme Idst College Modinagar
10-11-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/1033Rd Internal Examination Of 1St Year Regular Batch
28-10-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/99Lecture On “Economic Empowerment Of Women” By Ms Amulya Channa
28-10-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/100Human Right Laws And Medical Negligence” Will Be Conducted By Mr. Manav Vohra.
15-10-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/98Mentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 27Th October’2022 (Thursday) At 2.30 Pm.
07-10-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/94Lecture On “Good Clinical Practice” By The Guest Speaker, Dr. Neena Valecha Former Director Icmr & Former Who
07-10-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/92Lecture On “Prospects Of Dental Specialties In Biomedical Research In Icmr”
28-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/90World Health Day
24-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/88Mock Exam For All The Exam Going Pg‘S (Batch 2021) Is Scheduled On 27.09.2022
24-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/87University Exam Of Mds First Year
24-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/86Ethical Committee Meeting Which Was Scheduled From 27Th - 29Th September 2022
24-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/84Mock Exam For All The Exam Going Pg‘S (Batch 2021) Is Scheduled On 27.09.2022
23-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/83Lecture On “Economic Empowerment Of Women” By Ms Amulya Channa
20-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/81AMentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 29Th September’2022 (Thursday) At 2.30 Pm.
20-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/81Lecture On “Human Right Laws” Will Be Conducted By Mr. Manav Vohra
20-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/80Ethical Committee Meeting Which Was Scheduled From 22Nd - 24Th September 2022
16-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/75“Tagging Ceremony” Will Be Organized For The Interns (2016 & 2017 Batch) On 16.09.2022
16-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/73Lecture On Overseas Opportunities After Bds “When,Where And How” By Dr. Monika Kochar
09-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/712Nd Internal Examination Of 1St Year Regular, 2Nd Year (R), 3Rd Year (R) & 4Th Year (R) Batch
09-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/70Career Options After Bds” By Dr. Shruti Bhatt (Ipdc Alumni)
09-09-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/69Ipdc Cricket Cup
31-08-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/67Hybrid Program Is Being Conducted On 2Nd September 2022 In The Seminar Room Of Department Of Orthodontics
31-08-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/66Icmr Sts Grant For The Year 2022
26-08-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/63Ethical Committee Meeting Will Be Held On 22Nd To 24Th September’2022
26-08-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/62Mentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 31St August’2022 (Wednesday) At 2.30 Pm
22-08-2022IPDC/PO/NOTICE/2022/61Online Webinar Program On “How To Write A Winning Grant Proposal?” Guest Speaker Dr. Shanmugaraja Meenakshi
19-08-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/60AProgram On “Increasing Clinical Efficiency With Damon And Vector Tas-Module I”On23Rd August 2022
18-08-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/60Webinar Program On “Applied Biostatistics” By The Guest Speaker Prof. Dr. Lakshmi K. On 25-08-2022
13-08-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/55Flag Hoisting Ceremony Will Be Held On 15Th August’2022 By Mr. N.K.Chaudhary
30-07-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/52Mentors Will Have Meeting With The Principal
27-07-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/49Naac Training Session Has Been Announced From 01.08.2022 To 04.08.2022
23-07-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/48AWebinar On “Management Of Class Iii Malocclusions With Damon System” By Dr. Anand Marya
18-07-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/47Mentor -Mentee Meeting Is Scheduled For 28Th July’2022 (Thursday) At 2.30 Pm
18-07-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/46Clinico-Pathological Conference (Cpc)
09-07-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/45Lecture And Hands On Workshop On The Topic "Magnification, Motivation And More"
04-07-2022IPDC/PO/Notice/2022/43Institution Has Established A Fully Functional Intraoral Scanning
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